Oasis Day Spa

La Jolla

With 15 years of hands on experience, Oasis Day Spa of UTC offers micro dermabrasion, pumpkin and glycolic skin resurfacing facials, tailored to meet each individual's unique needs.

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Est. 2001


Release stress and worry,
allow a renewed sense of energy &
emotional well-being to enter your spirit.

Facial Treatments

Massage Therapy

Treat yourself your friends and family

By appointment only

(858) 232-8401

Gift certificates available.

24 hour notice of cancellation required
Form of payment by Cash and credit cards
$25.00 minimum for credit card transactions
Please note that estimated times for treatments may vary.

8720 Costa Verde Blvd, San Diego, CA 92122
9085 Judicial Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

Chirology is the decoding of the hand and fingerprints, to provide you with a blueprint of how you are "wired". Hand mapping will provide you with valuable knowledge and information to empower you to make

Smudging is a process of burning herbs to cleanse and purify the body, home or business space from negative influences or residual energy. Stagnant and negative energy surrounding us, our home and business, can keep us stuck, manifesting



Experience Mental & Spiritual Healing

Oasis Day Spa uses a range of massage techniques that improve circulation, detoxify the body, relieve tension, improve digestion, enhance muscle tone,

and increase mental alertness.

Specializing in helping people recover from automobile accidents, sports injuries, workplace injuries and helping reverse injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits. The massage techniques reverse negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscle tissue, and remove pain throughout the body, benefiting body, mind and soul.

"After I've been stressed all week coming here was the best decision. It was one of the best massages I've had in a long time. Ruthi is truly talented and I would recommend coming here to anyone!                                                                        Yelp Review

 informed decisions based on your own unique potential as reflected in your hands. Knowledge is power, enabling you to make conscious changes in a positive direction. Chirology is not palmistry and does not attempt to predict the future.

 emotions such as irritation, anger and fear, making it hard to access our positive feelings. Smudging can also be done to shield and ground us whilst at the same time strengthening our intentions.
  • Micro dermabrasion Treatments
  • Deep Cleansing Facials
  • Glycolic Skin Resurfacing
  • Pumpkin Peels
  • Massage Therapy
  • Skin Analysis & Consultation
  • LED Photo Rejuvenation
  • Waxing
  • Chirology
  • Smudging

"Ruthi is seriously as good as it gets.  I've been going to her for years.  She does

both incredibly phenomenal facials and massages!"                                      Yelp Review


High quality wax for silky smooth skin. 

My skin is doing really well, wasn't itchy or swollen at all. Big improvement compared to my usual results from waxing ;)                                                                      Kasey 2014